Learn how B2B retailer Cooksongold maximises international online sales through targeted product merchandising with FACT-Finder.

Cooksongold, the UK‘s largest one-stop shop for quality precious metals and jewellery-making supplies, sought to drive digital growth by enhancing its customer experience. To do so, the company set the goal to create targeted merchandising campaigns that could then be expanded into additional markets. With FACT-Finder technology and consulting services, they got more than a site search provider – they got an all-in-one solution.

The Challenge

Cooksongold provides jewellery makers with anything they need from A to Z, with over 18,000 products offered in its online stores. Their product selection includes huge stocks of silver, gold, palladium and platinum as well as wide ranges of findings, loose and finished chain, gemstones, ring blanks, jewellery making tools, silver clay, beading materials and much more. Due to this large and complex assortment, it was often difficult for customers to find the right products. As soon as they mistyped or searched for a product by keywords other than the ones stored in the database, they were either presented with the wrong products or none at all – a sales issue this B2B retailer urgently needed to solve. Cooksongold also wanted to find a way to promote their own sales events through merchandising campaigns and generate new purchases through product recommendations. All these processes were then needed to be replicated across several new markets in Europe. With a small marketing and IT team for its online shops, Cooksongold needed to be able to do all this both cost effectively and with minimal administrative effort.

The Solution

Cooksongold found the solution in the software that was already in use but had not yet been fully utilised. Jonathan Broadhurst, E-Commerce Executive at Cooksongold, explains, “We had been happily using FACT-Finder for a number of years already but knew we weren’t making the most of what it had to offer. When we learned what all FACT-Finder could do, it was clear that our online business would take a huge step forward.”

Easy-To-Build Campaigns
When a particular keyword repeats itself in store visitors’ search queries or when specific sales events are approaching, Cooksongold can quickly create high-converting, keyword-based campaigns via the easy-to-use Merchandising module. FACT-Finder offers a whole set of campaign and merchandising tools that can be controlled without any programming knowledge. Whether it‘s specially designed landing pages, seasonal themed worlds, or virtual consultants, e-commerce and marketing teams can implement these – all without the need for IT. This enables Cooksongold to create and manage their campaigns twice as fast as before, allowing them to run many more highly profitable campaigns per year.

Cooksongold’s online revenue soared by 22% with the help of FACT-Finder’s
language independent on-site search and easy-to-use merchandising tools.

Internationally Scalable
Cooksongold wants to grow in its existing markets as well as expand into additional ones. Due to the international scalability of the software, campaigns can be easily transferred to other countries through FACT-Finder‘s user interface, which allows users to intuitively control all functions and workflows. Built-in search and filter options help you quickly access any FACT-Finder setting, whether it be search diagnostics, ranking rules, campaigns or personalisation. You can control and maintain all your FACT-Finder channels simultaneously without having to work on each one individually. The system is so intelligent that products which are not available in a particular country are automatically removed from campaigns.

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First-Class Support
Cooksongold benefits from FACT-Finder’s market-leading technology as well as first-class support and consulting. “FACT-Finder has also provided exceptional support,” says Broadhurst. “FACT-Finder’s consultants help us with all the challenges we face in our shop. We also get analyses and recommendations on areas we could improve.” Based on systematic data analysis of your shop and your target group, FACT-Finder consultants develop pragmatic approaches to solutions and provide long-term support in their implementation. They cover the entire spectrum of optimisation fields, from the strategic level through technical and structural prerequisites to the target-group-focused shop orientation.

The Results

By making the most of FACT-Finder capabilities, Cooksongold has experiences results of:

Easy replication of campaigns across multiple channels means results have been just as impressive in Germany and Spain as they have been in the UK. “Thanks to the unique technology, we are making rapid progress,” says Broadhurst. Most importantly, Cooksongold’s e-commerce team has been able to achieve all of this without taking up much time – leaving them to focus on what they do best.

The Future

Cooksongold’s IT team plans to further expand its success with FACT-Finder using the automated Personalisation module. Based on tracking data along with session and user IDs, the module determines the unique preferences of your individual customers, such as preferred brands, colours, prices or categories. The most relevant products to each active user are then promoted to the top of the results page, resulting in higher conversions and a more intuitive customer shopping experience. Cooksongold entrusts FACT-Finder technology across its European online shops including Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the UK, and will continue to do so as it expands.

See FACT-Finder in Action

Whether you are an online pure player or an omnichannel retailer, operate nationally or internationally, FACT-Finder adapts to any B2B or B2C business strategy. With FACT-Finder, you not only improve search results , but also create the prerequisite for your online shop to scale with your e-commerce growth. No matter how many languages, sales channels or products, FACT-Finder excels and provides the most relevant search results every time. Better yet, it doesn’t require any extra effort on your part – no need to tie up your valuable resources.

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