Klickparts provides customers with an intuitive B2B online shop that dramatically simplifies and accelerates the purchase of spare parts, all while providing price transparency.

For many construction companies, the procurement of machine spare parts meant one thing: effort. Multiple phone calls and website visits were necessary in order to find the right parts – all without a trace of price transparency.

Today, it’s completely different. A single search query into Klickparts is all it takes to find the right spare parts – along with prices, availability and manufacturers. This is an unprecedented online service that Klickparts offers using FACT-Finder’s AI-based search technology.

Klickparts statistics
Klickparts chose FACT-Finder to meet its high demands for search and navigation in its B2B online shop.

Klickparts offers contractors and workshop staff an intuitive B2B online shop with a vast selection of high-quality spare parts and maintenance products. Today, the product range includes 100,000 articles – in a year’s time it is expected to be 500,000. Bernd Maisenbacher, eCommerce Consultant at Klickparts, explains the motivation behind this project.

“The spare parts supply in large construction companies is very cumbersome for employees,” says Maisenbacher. “For one, they always have to call several partners to find who offers the right part. Then, they have to research the prices themselves, because partners usually don’t provide any information on this. With Klickparts, we have created an online platform that dramatically simplifies and accelerates the purchase of spare parts, all while providing transparency.”

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“FACT-Finder enables us to accomplish our USP”

Klickparts’ B2B online shop is built on the OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition, an e-commerce system that is specially designed to meet the requirements of B2B merchants, in terms of customer structures, rights management and representation of individual processes. A major challenge was to complete the B2B online shop in time for bauma (( https://www.bauma.de/en/)), the world’s leading trade fair in the construction industry.

This prominent trade fair is held every three years and for Klickparts it was the ideal starting point for business. Despite facing a tight schedule of only five months, the project was implemented on time, initially with 60,000 products. From the beginning, it was clear to those responsible, that a standard search solution wasn’t going to cut it. In order to make such a complex range of B2B products easily and quickly searchable, they needed something extraordinary.

In addition, Klickparts also had a very special requirement. Maisenbacher explains, “When you shop online for a car or motorcycle accessories, you will usually find three ways to search for the product:

  1. A text field to search by EAN or article number
  2. Selection via vehicle manufacturer, model and type
  3. Selection via data in the vehicle registration document

We consider this to be far too complicated. Our requirement was to combine all three search options within one text field,” he says.

“This would have not been possible with any other search solution, which is why we chose to integrate FACT-Finder,” remarks Maisenbacher. “Our customers can now use the search bar for whatever they want – by manufacturer, product, article number, or EAN number – and find the correct parts quickly and reliably. FACT-Finder enables us to accomplish our USP.”

Search function in Klickparts B2B online shop. Search for spare parts by product number, EAN number, product type, and manufacturer.
Klickparts customers can search for spare parts by product type, number, and manufacturers. FACT-Finder combines all search options into one text field.

Impressed by 200% conversion

“Through our analyses we see that more and more Klickparts visitors are using the search function. Currently, the figure is about 70%,” Maisenbacher points out. “Of course, the influence that the quality of the search engine has on sales is correspondingly large. From tests at other e-commerce companies, I know that FACT-Finder is the best technology on the market.”

Maisenbacher says, “In a previous e-commerce project, FACT-Finder achieved a conversion increase of 200%. That’s why we chose this solution from the very beginning. And I’m sure that the potential for conversion in Klickparts will exceed 200%.”

He continues, “First, because only FACT-Finder could meet the requirements of our B2B online shop. Second, the solution comes with a full range of supplementary conversion tools, including the suggest function and dynamic filters. Additionally, FACT-Finder’s Machine Learning search algorithm independently optimizes the results. The search is getting better and better without us having to do anything.”

Quote by Klickparts about FACT-Finder's Machine Learning search algorithm

Ultimate transparency for buyers in B2B spare parts

The Klickparts product database is structured in such a way that buyers not only find original parts from the respective machine manufacturer, but also all suitable alternatives. The Klickparts team is currently working on implementing links between construction machinery and compatible spare parts.

“Our product data is very complex,” explains Maisenbacher. “For example, one filter fits into up to 80 different excavators – even from different manufacturers. If a customer needs such a filter, he will usually search for the original part number.”

“Using FACT-Finder, we can then display not only the original part, but also the supplier’s equivalent spare parts, as well as inexpensive replica products. This gives customers more choice and allows them to order a cheaper spare part, which is a current trend, especially for construction machinery. FACT-Finder’s ability to handle very complex data structures will continue to provide us with decisive advantages in the future,” says Maisenbacher.

B2B requirements that FACT-Finder fulfills for Klickparts

  • Fast, error-tolerant search in very complex product data
  • Machine-learning optimizes product results
  • Minimizes the tying up of resources in daily business
  • Enables search by numbers with special characters
  • Global search algorithm is applicable in all languages
  • Support of customer-specific pricing
  • Cross-reference with suitable alternative parts

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