FACT-Finder is recognised for providing a supreme solution for B2B retailers.

FACT-Finder has received the “Supreme Software” award for its excellence in the B2B industry. This award was given by FinancesOnline, the fastest-growing independent review platform for B2B, SaaS and financial solutions. The platform explains, “This award is given only to top B2B products and represents the highest possible level of service.” They add, “It highlights the vendor’s extensive knowledge of the industry they’re selling to and the needs of their customers.”

B2B retailers and marketplaces often invest millions in digital marketing to drive online traffic. But these expenses aren’t fruitful if those new visitors don’t become buyers. It is only through providing an exceptional shopping experience that your marketing expenses can reach their full ROI. That’s why you get the most leverage on your online revenue by simplifying shopping with the help of Machine-Learning technology. And this is exactly what the FACT-Finder B2B eCommerce Suite was developed for. The AI-based search, navigation, and merchandising and personalisation solution accelerates your digital growth by:

  • Helping shoppers quickly find what they are looking for, increasing customer loyalty
  • Maximising your shop’s performance and sales
  • Instantly creating a better shopping experience, even with bad product data

The high degree of automation built into the software means that even small e-commerce teams can achieve great things – rapidly and worldwide. A/B tests show that FACT-Finder can increase online sales by up to 33%. This is why FACT-Finder is used today by numerous outstanding B2B dealers.

Our Goal: Your Digital Growth

We have been successfully carrying out projects in B2B e-commerce for over 10 years. We have taken this learned expertise and incorporated it into the development of the FACT-Finder B2B eCommerce Suite, which is based on our latest innovation – FACT-Finder Next Generation. We have revolutionised our software core from the ground up using state-of-the-art technologies. This enables us execute outstanding shopping experiences for B2B shops, even those with complex requirements. Be it complex catalogues, pricing policies or varying sales structures, multiple languages – or everything combined, FACT-Finder has been carefully developed for demanding conditions.  Our software helps you meet the needs of modern B2B e-commerce, by equipping your online shop with these advantages:

Improve Search
FACT-Finder’s patented software core is able to search though product ranges offering more than 100 million items in record time, worldwide, in all languages. Providing retailers with ideal conditions for consistently expanding their e-commerce business.

Show Individualised Prices
Whether prices, volume discounts, assortments or availability, everything in B2B is individualised. FACT-Finder shows each buyer exactly the right products with the correct conditions.

Maximise Reorders
Achieve higher orders in fewer time thanks to AI-based technology that recognises frequent customer purchases. This feature predicts what a buyer will reorder in his current session, which can speed up the ordering process by 66%. 

Digital Consulting
FACT-Finder’s Guided Selling function alleviates your customer service team by reducing the number of product returns and gain from customers with low order volumes without tying up personnel resources. This means increased sales without additional effort.

Enlarge Shopping Baskets
Increase the average order value of shopping baskets with targeted product recommendations that are automated, context-based and personalised. Where you display them (on the homepage, product detail page or in the shopping cart) is up to you.

Measure Success
Completely new evaluation tools help you identify where unexploited sales potential lies and assess the success of optimisations through numbers based on your KPIs.

See FACT-Finder in Action

Visit our B2B E-Commerce page to learn more about how FACT-Finder is the all-in-one solution for your business. As a leading SaaS provider, we offer free demo plans that allow users to test-drive our software features at no cost and make well-informed decisions. The demos give you the chance to understand how the software can help to boost your company’s efficiency and profitability. Read FinancesOnline’s full product review of FACT-Finder and visit Best 20 Site Search Solutions for 2019 to learn how FACT-Finder wins number one. See FACT-Finder in action by requesting a free demo:

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