With GPT Synonyms, Large Language Models (LLMs) enable eCommerce managers to automate synonym creation, saving 70% in time and ensuring relevant results for the shopper, every time. 

On 11/30/2022, OpenAI casually launched ChatGPT with this Twitter (now X) post by Sam Altman:  

5 days later, the tool already had more than 1 million users, making it one of the fastest-growing online platforms – and not without reason: used correctly, Large Language Models (LLMs) have the potential to automate a multitude of tasks and can save massive amounts of time and resources. With the introduction of GPT Synonyms in FactFinder, eCommerce managers can now reap the benefits of this groundbreaking AI – while retaining control over the extent and quality of optimization.   

As an example, anyone looking for a new “cell phone” wants to find “mobile phones”, “smartphones” and “iPhones” as well. For a store clerk, this is a given, but not necessarily for a search engine. This in the past meant that eCommerce managers had to research and create synonyms manually to make sure shoppers were finding the right products. Thanks to GPT Synonyms, this time-consuming creation of synonyms is now finally a thing of the past. With just one click, eCommerce managers can generate all relevant synonyms for a search term and only need to decide which ones they want to apply. This saves time and creates better search results.

How to use GPT Synonyms in FactFinder:

  1. Get the list of your “low-performing” search terms from FactFinder analytics.  
  2. Use the cockpit to view the results for the respective terms. In the example below the results for “sleeping sack” are not relevant.

  3. With the new GPT Synonyms button you can automatically create synonyms for those search terms directly in the cockpit with just one click. To avoid creating unnecessary synonyms you will be shown an overview with suggestions including a „similarity score”. You can decide which synonyms you want to create.

  4. In the cockpit you can directly test the effect of the created synonyms on the search result and if necessary, add or remove synonyms in a further iteration.

 Your advantages at a glance:

  • Saves time for eCommerce managers: In an internal test with our consultants, GPT Synonyms saved 70% of the time spent creating synonyms for search optimization.    
  • Increases relevance and revenue: Better search results and fewer zero results.  
  • Enables long-tail optimization: Intelligence of LLMs enables long-tail optimization of search results that store managers do not know in detail.  
  • Language independence: The right synonyms are suggested even if the search term is in a different language.

“At FactFinder we believe in the power of bringing human and artificial intelligence together. In essence this means using AI to automate repetitive day to day tasks, while simultaneously giving users the control to influence the AI based on their experience and goals. GPT Synonyms is a great example of this.” – Sven Friedrichs, VP Engineering at FactFinder 


Authentic Intelligence: How GPT Synonyms are created in FactFinder


  1. To only get relevant synonyms you have the possibility to influence your “prompt”, i.e. the command that goes to the LLM of OpenAI. In the settings, you can define how many synonyms are generated and which context (e.g. outdoor, sports, clothing) the synonyms should have.   
  2. As soon as you want to create synonyms for a search term automatically, a prompt is sent to the API of OpenAI.  
  3. Based on your prompt, OpenAI returns the synonyms with a match score back to FactFinder.  
  4. You have the final say. You decide which synonyms to create and which not to create. 


GPT Synonyms and beyond – here’s what’s next:

GPT Synonyms is available in Next Generation upon request starting today. With this, we take an important step to integrate the intelligence and automation potential of LLMs into FactFinder. There are already several more features in the pipeline and on the roadmap that will help create the ideal combination of artificial and human intelligence in FactFinder.  

Do you have questions or want to try GPT Synonyms in your online shop?
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