We follow the search story of leading Nordic retailer, Jula, whose duty was to source the perfect digital solution for customers who demand a quick and streamlined experience when navigating the store’s veritable ocean of products. As you guessed it, they employed FactFinder. Here’s what we achieved, together.

Though Jula’s eCommerce store was launched with much anticipation in May 2017, the brand’s team identified a pressing concern: the site’s search function. They recognized the need for a more intuitive and adaptive search engine that could navigate their vast catalog, multiple languages and varied consumer behaviors. A significant 32% of their visitors relied on this search function, underscoring its crucial role in driving sales.

About Jula:

Originating from a quaint courtyard in Västergötland, Sweden, in 1979, Jula has blossomed into a formidable retail chain. Today, they have 96 stores spanning Sweden, Norway and Poland, and employ 3,000 staff. In 2022 the brand reported a staggering turnover of SEK 10.7 billion, and their ever-growing catalog, filled with over 15,000 products, caters to DIY enthusiasts, professionals, farmers and craftsmen alike.

Why FactFinder?

Jula required a search solution provider that could fulfill a set of stringent criteria, aiming for a seamless, intelligent and flexible product. FactFinder rose to the occasion, offering a robust and unique blend of AI and human intelligence, ensuring a hyper-personalized shopping experience for each customer.

Collaboration was key:

To optimize the integration, Jula collaborated with Knowit, a consultancy firm known for its cross-functional digital solutions. This partnership ensured that Jula reaped the maximum benefits from FactFinder‘s capabilities. Knowit creates unique customer values by offering digital and cross-functional solutions from three business areas: experience, insight and solutions. The talented teams are set apart by their ability to combine expertise in design and communication, management consulting and IT.

The criteria that set FactFinder apart for Jula:

Commitment and cooperation: a dedicated team that ensures smooth collaboration, maintaining an open dialogue and proactively suggesting improvements.

Smart, customizable solution: an intelligent solution that understands the context of each search, adapting to seasonality and specific customer needs, such as increasing the visibility of snow-related products during a snowfall – a commonly requested item type in the Nordics.

SaaS convenience: a SaaS model that guarantees seamless updates and enhancements, all implemented automatically without demanding additional resources or energy from Jula’s side.

Innovation and continuous development: ongoing product development and improvements, ensuring that the search function remains up-to-date and efficient.

The tangible results:

Within just seven months of transitioning to FactFinder, Jula experienced a remarkable 30% increase in conversation rate, with no other concurrent changes. Here‘s how:

Data-driven decisions: anonymized data from FactFinder now informs Jula‘s marketing efforts and product placements in physical stores, moving beyond just showcasing high-margin products.

Rapid issue resolution: the ability to quickly identify and address search-related issues ensures a consistent and smooth shopping experience across all markets.

Enhanced customer experience: Jula is actively connecting digital and physical shopping experiences, with plans to integrate FactFinder into in-store search terminals and their mobile app.

Commitment to innovation: the team at Jula continues to develop and improve their digital touchpoints, ensuring they remain at the forefront of retail innovation.

About FactFinder:

FactFinder is the European leader in eCommerce product discovery and search. We help over 2,000 online shops worldwide like MyTheresa, Intersport, OBI, Stihl and Elkjøp Nordic increase revenue by 20-33% with outstanding shopping experiences.

By combining human and artificial intelligence, we understand every shopper‘s intent from the first click. We call that authentic intelligence. Smarter algorithms and human expertise create a union that will always give a competitive edge. Every day millions of B2C and B2B shoppers find what they are looking for with FactFinder – fast, personalized and with joy.