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FACT-Finder 7.0 with new management interface

Posted on 17th September

With the new release of FACT-Finder 7.0, designers and developers from the house Omikron have created a completely new operating concept. It helps users to optimize their stores now even faster and easier.

The market-leading search and navigation solution provides solution throughout Europe in more than 1,500 webshops for a perfect usability. The new management interface has revolutionized the operation in their own backend. For users, this means quickly create campaigns, rapid access to current information about the search and navigation and independent working on the go.

"Nowadays the users wants to work on smaller devices," explains Carsten Kraus, founder and CEO of FACT-Finder, adding: "While in the past everyone worked on a big monitor, today the mobile devices such as laptop or tablet are crucial. The Responsive design strategy, we have already decided earlier this year and it has been implemented consistently. "Users have a menu bar now all icons for settings at a glance and can strip a space-saving folding and unfolding.

In recent years, the FACT-Finder developers focused primarily on optimizing the algorithms and the development of new modules (eg Personalisation and Recommendation Engine). "The aim is that the logic of our ecommerce software reduces manual processes for online shop operators to a minimum," explains Carsten Kraus. "In conjunction with the data of this shop, we are thus able to show personalized to all shop visitors." For the campaign management and detailed control FACT-Finder 7.0 provides user-friendly management interface as simple control platform.

Helpful in the development of new surface was concrete feedback from many users. "Despite intelligent personalization and recommendations on sales histories, our users want to retain control in their stores," says Martin Koch, Customer Excellence Manager at FACT-Finder, and adds: "We’ve noticed a need for a new user interface during our talks with our customers. Thanks to the feedback we were able to make the new release even more customer- and user-friendly."

Also included in the backend is the new FACT-Finder Analytics, a tool that provides the meaningful data for the shop optimisation. Store managers can use it to perform specific queries clearly and in a structured manner, which give information about the search behavior of customers, identify current trends and, of course, determine the revenue per search term.

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