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Product Discovery

Incredible sales power in one intelligent solution. Search, navigation, merchandising, and analytics work together to make sure customers are never more than a click away from what they are looking for.

How it benefits you:

One integration,

tons of ways to maximize conversion

Fast ROI

thanks to 20-33% more sales

Less manual effort:
better search results

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Industry insights:

"Offering site search is an industry standard, but the way you lay out your search results pages has a significant impact on sales. For example, 60% of US online adults and 57% of UK online adults agree that it’s important for retailers to offer advanced site search features, such as the ability to refine search results by price, brand, style, or other product attribute."
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Must-Have E-Commerce Features
Forrester Research, Inc., February 18th, 2022
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What's included in Product Discovery?

 Site Search

The fastest, most relevant search results. Error-tolerant and language-independent so you can scale with ease.

 Smart Suggest

Automatic and intelligent predictive search that leads customers to their desired destination with fewer clicks. 

 Ranking Rules

Align search results to your business objectives. Customize product placement based on your current priorities.


Quick wins, guaranteed. Quickly identify low hanging fruit or weak points and immediately optimize for maximum conversion.

 A/B Testing

Campaigns, ranking, even entire modules: you can put all your sales methods to the test, with simplicity and transparency.


Simplify browsing and speed up selection. Automatically generate category pages.


Simplify product discovery by only showing the most relevant filters and facets for each query.

 Landing Pages

Quickly and easily promote products through landing pages or special placements - no coding required.

 Guided Selling

Simplify customers' decision-making through targeted questions, similar to a trained sales associate in-store.

What makes us different?

Our search core is based on proprietary algorithms developed in-house and refined by our own R&D department for more than 20 years. It has proven superior against the usual Levenshtein method used by other search solutions in A/B tests. FACT-Finder delivers faster response times, no matter the amount of data, in any language - all via an intuitive UI built for business users like you.

Don't take our word for it.

Make finding complicated product names simple with clever search

"Having an intelligent search is very useful. The big advantage is that FACT-Finder means the site works really easy for people. They know they can trust the site because they can find the right products." - Gareth Craig, IT & Communications Manager at Conns Cameras

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Much more than search

"What convinces me most about FACT-Finder is its variety. We use it regularly for marketing campaigns. We build landing pages for our SEA campaigns, highlight special products in the results lists, integrate guided selling campaigns, and even create product sets for our newsletter campaigns." - Patricia Zwack, Onsite Search Expert at RE-IN

Intuitive configuration

"I find it very easy to use. You don‘t need to have any particular technical knowledge to be able to use the settings and configuration within it - it‘s quite self-explanatory." - Samantha Lynch, Digital Product Owner at Mayflex

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